Mechanical Engineering & Design (CAD 3D/2D)


We are specialized in mechanical design for customized heavy industrial equipment including, but not limited to :

  • 3D modeling
  • preliminary design
  • detail engineering
  • various calculations including stress analysis using the Finite Element Method

Using cutting edge CAD engineering software, our company prepares projects (technical drawings, calculation and simulations) for metallurgic industry, energy industry, machine building industry and nuclear industry equipment.

Based on our client's needs and requirements, we implement new product ideas or redesign existing products. Projects are always prepared in close collaboration with our client and involve various steps detailed below.

3D Modeling


The virtual product is obtained using 3D Modeling. This modern method of engineering has some advantages:

  • Creates a better visualization of the product in an early stage of design
  • The design alternatives can be easily explored
  • Avoides design errors
  • Provide parameterization of the product and eases preparation of product families (when possible)
  • Generates the kinematic study of the product
  • Is useful in creating manufacturing specifications, product catalogs, technical books and leaflets.

Using 3D modeling as a starting point in the engineering process leaves us more time to focus on technical innovation and creativity and greatly shortens the time allocated for drafting. Therefore our clients benefit from an accelerated development process.

The 3D virtual model is very detailed prepared, according to the primary information provided by our client and in accordance with the current technical standards.

Basic Engineering (BE)


Preparing Basic Engineering (BE) is a step that precedes and yields achievement of the manufacturing documentation.
In this stage the outline of the project is clarified. We determine the main dimensions, the connecting and positioning dimensions, materials and kinematics.
BE results are presented for client analysis and approval. If no modifications are required, the project cand proceed into next step.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)


The report of this analysis shows whether the product is undersized or oversized and contributes decisively to the final choice of materials and modifications, of some dimensions, when necessary.
Simulated and analyzed loading cases will be decided together with the client.

Both FEA and the preliminary calculations give our clients the advantage of getting a reliable and ergonomically optimized product, avoiding unnecessary material and workmanship expenses during the manufacturing process, assuring in the same time a competition edge through low costs and a fully functional final product according to nowadays engineering standards.

FEA results do not only provide important information about the strength of the designed structure and potential design deficiencies, but also the base of a Fatigue Evaluation that determines the lifetime of the analyzed equipment and its structural components. Further on, this could lead to the preparation of a maintenance program for the designed product.

Detail Engineering (DE)


Completion of technical assembly drawings, manufacturing drawings and bill of materials is based on Basic Engineering and Finite Element Analysis results.
When the outlines of the equipment are clearly defined by BE and a safe and proper operation is guaranteed by FEA and other calculations, the DE will be prepared.
In this phase, our clients are provided with all the technical information required for manufacturing and installation of the designed product.

Creating 3D virtual libraries.


We are able to prepare 3D virtual models for products or product families for Internet publishing or for electronic distribution (supported on CD or DVD).

Consulting, monitoring and supervision


We can provide consulting, monitoring and supervision services during manufacturing and instalation proccesses of our designed equipment and products all over Europe.

We want to ensure that the products designed by us are manufactured and installed in accordance with the quality level specified in the documentation and the current technical standards.

Coordinating the manufacturing process will enable us to anticipate problems that may occur during project execution, and also to implement further improvements.